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AWS Training in Chennai

AWS (Amazon Web Services) Training Institute in chennai With Live Projects

AWS training in chennai free demo class

AWS Training in Chennai

Amazon Web Service is the widely used cloud computing platform among various public clouds since it offers cost effective and secured cloud computing platform. Amazon Web Service is used to develop highly sophisticated application with high scalability and flexibility.AWS offers competitive attracting which attracts companies to host and manage their applications at reasonable cost moreover it provides lots of free tools used automation.

Best Institute for Learning AWS

Zerobug Academy provides best AWS Training in Velachery, Chennai at reasonable cost and best placement support. The AWS training sessions are handled by top notch IT experts in Chennai who are capable of teaching concepts with real time examples. The Advanced AWS Training in Chennai Zerobug Academy Syllabus are designed according current requirement of IT companies moreover Zerobug Academy provides more practical class which help you clear the interviews and certification easily. After completion of course Zerobug Academy will arrange you interviews in leading software companies in Chennai so it right time to join AWS training in Chennai at Zerobug Academy.

Advanced Amazon Web Service Course Job Openings

AWS to make inside next 2 years 8 Lakhs Jobs and there is colossal lack of Specialized Professionals.

Understudies can function as Amazon EC2, EBS, RDS, AMI - Browsing with the Amazon classes- Amazon Machine Images.

Zerobug Academy Placement opportunities for non-Zerobug students

We give position chances to 2016/2017 go out BE/BTech freshers

No Registration charge.

Hopeful ought to have officially finished AWS Certification Course.

Applicant ought to have all through 60% in scholastics.

Competitor ought to have not too bad relational abilities.

Competitor should pass Aptitude and AWS specialized screening test.

Amazon Web Services Training Course syllabus

Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • Basics of cloud computing
  • Basics of cloud computing
  • Modules in cloud
  • Cloud architecture
  • Overview of Amazon Cloud
  • Introduction to Amazon cloud
  • Creation of accounts and analysis of cost breakdowns
  • SLA Evaluation
  • Command line tool, API and Console
  • Basics of Amazon EC2
  • Architecture
  • Amazon EC2,EBS,S3,Beanstalk
  • RDS,CloudFront,VPC
  • Simple Database and Cloudwatch
  • SQS
  • Infrastructure Management & Provisional Resources
  • AMI - Browsing with the Amazon classes- Amazon Machine Images.
  • Specifying key pairs and security groups
  • EBS - Evaluating Elastic Blocking Store and instance stores root device.
  • Assigning the elastic IP address.
  • Mapping of different types to the computing needs
  • Focusing on Data storage and Durability
  • Storage of Data in Cloud
  • Transmitting data in/out of the Amazon cloud
  • Creating backups with snapshots
  • Achieving off-instance storage with EBS volumes
  • High durability with Simple Storage Service
  • Simplification of Database Structure
  • It implement a relational database with Database
  • Achieving high availability of non relational data with the Simple Database
  • Creation of Distributed solutions and AWS Cloud Architecture
  • Leveraging Cloud Front
  • Decoupling applications with the Simple Queuing Service
  • Delivering static and streaming content
  • Choosing a cloud setup for different use case scenarios
  • Applying best practices for a cloud solution
  • Customizing the Virtual Machine
  • Producing new images off of running instances
  • Modifying existing images
  • Modifying an instance store AMI to an EBS
  • Handling the Dynamic Resource Optimization
  • Observing from both sides of the Cloud
  • Fixing alarms to send and receive notifications
  • Visualizing utilization metrics with CloudWatch
  • Load Variations in WS
  • Distributing the traffic with the elastic balancing of load
  • Dynamically adding & avoiding instances with the Automatic
  • Setting capacity thresholds.
  • Improving Application Delivery
  • Deploying scalable application on the clouds
  • Selecting & launching the required environment
  • Managing the Application Environment
  • Customizing and configuring platform stack.
  • Provisioning the application resource with the Cloud Formation.
  • AWS Security Features
  • Configuring access of the credentials.
  • Managing users with (IAM)
  • API and Amazon Supporting Tools
  • AWS command line Application programming Interface
  • S3 Browser
  • Elastic fox

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